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See how Andersen has spearheaded the contemporary movement and makes today’s modern architecture exceptional, inspirational and easy to achieve.
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Contemporary Selections From The Andersen Style Library

Identifying architectural styles is traditionally accomplished by looking back in time to see what style movements have emerged over the years. Since the Modern style is ever evolving to reflect modern thought and sensibilities, there isn’t always a consensus as to what constitutes this movement. That said, three approaches have risen to the top in current Modern style architecture: International Modern style, Miesian Modern style and Industrial Modern style.
industrial modern home style

Industrial Modern

Our most current Modern is similar to the early Industrial style but its use of varied materials to add texture elevates it to its own category. By using a variety of elements you might find in a factory, such as corrugated metal, concrete and exposed wood, this look has become increasingly popular in urban settings.

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international modern home style

International Modern

The French/Swiss architect known as Le Corbusier is closely associated with this home style. His thinking was that function outweighed style. He stripped much of the ornamentation away leaving precise, machine-like forms he called "machines a habiter" which translated into "machines for living".

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miesian modern home style

Miesian Modern

Pioneered by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (most often referred to as "Mies") the Miesian home style usually features a steel structure supporting the roof. This strong central framework allows for sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. This blurring of the lines between inside and out is a hallmark of this home style.

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Use our easy step-by-step design tool to design the perfect window for your Modern home. Explore and select from a wide variety of Contemporary options including interior and exterior colors, hardware styles and finishes, grille patterns and trim.
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Andersen has the right windows for the Modern family home, no matter how big your dreams, or how small your budget. We offer everything from affordable windows for entry-level Contemporary homes to moveable walls of glass for one-of-a kind designs.
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We Wrote The Book On Contemporary-Style Windows

Andersen has always been the go-to window for Contemporary architecture. From the birth of the Modern Industrial style to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian designs to the post-modern movement, Andersen® products have made cutting-edge designs possible. Flip through this book to take a quick trip through our history.